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Barrie's Computer Club since 1983
formally known as
The Barrie Users' Group (BUG)


our old address of
will soon be out of service

The Barrie Computer and Technology Club is open to all who have an interest in technology such as computing, digital photography or video.

We all have questions about how things work, how to stay safe and how to make better use of our equipment.

Our members consist of a mix of people at every age, gender and level, from new users to experts in nearly every field. We are people like you, who want to learn more about our technology and how to use it safely.


Our members:

Are more able to go into technology stores and know what they are buying, what questions to ask and know what is a fair price.
Are learning how to do their own basic maintenance and to use the equipment they purchased to its fullest capabilities.
Are better able to use social networking without the fear of their personal information being compromised.

Whether your interest is in computers, digital photography, video, portable communication or other technologies, you will find BUG open to helping you get your questions answered.


Don't be BUGGED by technology ... Come SIT (Share Information Technology) with us!


For general information about our club, see the "Contact Us " section.

For information about meetings, select the area of interest from the menu bar on the left.

If your questions are still not answered, contact us.


Better still .... Come SIT with us and join!

We invite members to join ourFacebook group, for up to date information and an opportunity to chat.


November 19, 2013

Please check the meetings page for changes in meeting content, location and times, before EACH meeting

We are transitioning to a
New BUG web site.

Please let us know
how you like it!


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PHM November 19, 2013